Bird News from Nahanton Park - Reports from Newton's best birding habitat.
Great Meadows - Concord - Great pictures and updates from our nearby wildlife refuge.
Quabbin Birding and Beyond
New England Nature Notes - Includes birding around Newton
Josh's Journal: New England Natrual History - I enjoy Josh's pictures and the reminder
                                                                  to observe non-avian wildlife too
Biking for Birds - Dorian tries to do a human powered lower 48 States big year!
ABA Blog

Local Birding and Conservation

Newton Conservators
Friends of Nahanton Park
Boston Birds - Google Group

Massachusetts Audubon
Massbird Email Listserve


Cornell Lab of Ornithology
American Birding Association
Sibley Guides

Tricky Identifications

Warbler Photos in Spring and Fall Plumages- Giff Beaton
Confusing Fall Warblers - McGill Bird Observatory
Bay-breasted vs. Blackpoll Warblers - Wisconsin eBird

Fun / Other
How many rare birds do we miss?

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