Birding in Newton

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Since I started this blog, I have always wanted to put up a page about where to go birding in Newton Massachusetts. I am hoping that this will be useful to birders new to the area, or to our regular birders who might want to try something different.

To start off, I would recommend checking out the Newton Conservators Map of Parks and Conservation Lands and also the eBird Hotspot Explorer (read more here). Additionally I have included a list below of some of the better local spots and some popular birding location outside of our area.

But also don't overlook your own backyard/neighborhood. Between 2011 and 2013 my yard turned up 3 owl species, 7 warbler species, and the most unlikely yard bird by far was a Clay-colored Sparrow. If you add a feeder and bird bath, I'm sure the possibilities are even greater.

Newton and Immediate Vicinity

Nahanton Park
(Newton Conservators, eBird, Friends of Nahanton Park)

Auburndale Park, Forest Grove Reservation, Flowed Meadow

Hammond Pond, Webster Woods, and Houghton Gardens
(Pond and Woods: Newton Conservators, eBird) (Gardens: Newton Conservators, eBird)

Cold Spring Park
(Newton Conservators, eBird)

Lost Pond and Kennard Park
(Newton Conservators, eBird)

Newton City Hall
(City Hall, eBird)

Newton Cemetery
(Newton Cemetery, eBird)

Chestnut Hill Reservoir
(Newton Conservators, eBird)

Millennium Park and Brook Farm
(Millennium: Newton Conservators, eBird) (Brook Farm: Newton Conservators, eBird)

Cutler Park
(Newton Conservators, eBird)

Greater Boston Area

Drumlin Farm, Lincoln  (Mass Audubon, eBird)
Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Natick  (Mass Audubon, eBird)
Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Concord (eBird)
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge (eBird)
Back Bay Fens, Boston (eBird)
Belle Isle Marsh, Boston (eBird)
Castle Island, Boston (eBird)
Deer Island, Boston (eBird)

Further Afield

Cape Ann, Glouchester and Rockport
Plum Island, Newburyport

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