Friday, August 1, 2014

Osprey Over Hammond Pond

Hammond Pond

Eastern Kingbird
 Last weekend while running errands in Chestnut Hill, I decided to check out Hammond Pond (without my main camera) and see if there were any shorebirds around the pond. I was not disappointed as I quickly found some very vocal and active Spotted Sandpipers chasing each other around. They were the only shorebirds, but it is probably early yet for the handful of others that frequent the pond. Additional highlights included a number of Green Herons that could be seen in the shallows around the pond. Up in the trees an Eastern Kingbird was so busy bringing a fledgling food, that they didn't mind me and I received some great views. And as I was leaving an Osprey made an appearance over the pond. This was only my 2nd sighting of an Osprey at Hammond Pond and 4th record in eBird, so it is always nice to see one. I actually just realized while putting this post together that the Osprey is visible as a small dark speck in the picture of the pond.

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  1. The clouds are beautiful in your photo. What nice sightings in a short visit...